What brand of makeup will you use? 

The Makeup Artists at Harmony have experience in a range of products, and the two ranges most commonly used on bridal parties are Quoi Mineral Makeup, and Priori Coffeeberry Powder. Both ranges use minerals, the purest elements of the earth, and are made to protect and correct skin without irritation.

Mineral Makeup allows skin to ‘breathe’ freely, while using light-reflective properties to make flaws and imperfections look less visible. Every product is free of heavy fillers and pore-clogging ingredients, and contains no potential irritants such as fragrance, oil, talc and dyes. 

Our foundations use a mineral SPF, therefore giving you natural sun protection for the day without any ‘flashback’ in photos. 

Will you travel to us? 

Our team of Makeup Artists is available to travel to any location that is suitable for you, whether it be your home, accommodation, or hairdressing salon. Please advise where you would like to be the morning of the wedding day, and we are happy to provide a quote if you would like us to travel outside of the Alexandra/Clyde area. 

Who should have their makeup applied first on the day? 

We like to suggest the Bride has her makeup done in the middle of the bridal party and family, so she is not the first left sitting around to wait, but also not last and worried about being finished on time. If anyone getting their makeup done is needed somewhere at a certain time, please let us know in advance and we can ensure their makeup is done either first/last if needed. 

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Should makeup or hair be done first? 

It is best to discuss with your hairdresser when they would like to do your hair, as we are able to fit in with what works best and there are no set rules about what should be finished first. You may have your hair set, makeup applied, and then have it styled at the end.

If your hairdresser has any specific requirements, please let us know, as we like to work together as a team with your hairdresser on the day. We also advise that makeup and hair be finished 90minutes before your departure time for the wedding, giving you time to dress and relax with family before photos. 

How long before my wedding day should I have a spray tan? 

We would advise 2 days before the wedding is ideal, as this gives the tan time to ‘settle’ on your skin, ensuring it is your most natural colour. We have a range of colours to choose from to suit you and your bridal party best, from a light subtle glow, to a rich deep chocolate, and it’s a great idea to trial a tan a few months before the day to find your perfect colour.

Consider spray tans for all the wedding party if they are interested! We recommend a full body spray tan rather than only half body (nothing worse than wearing shorts the next day and looking uneven!) 

How long before my wedding day should I have a Manicure and Pedicure? 

1-2 days before the wedding is a great time to enjoy a manicure, pedicure or any spa treatments with your bridal party, friends or family. We can offer you our popular ‘Sparty’ option where we provide a glass of bubbles complimentary and you share a platter (small fee applies) with the bridal party while relaxing and having your manicures/pedicures together in our relax lounge. This is a lovely way for the ladies to get away pre-wedding and relax together. 

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How should I prepare my face before the makeup artists arrive? 

Please remove all makeup a few hours before the makeup artists arrive to begin on the wedding day, and apply a light moisturiser of your choice, including any skin products you usually like to use. Don’t apply any oils or balms, as these can cause the makeup to slide, and don’t try any new products on your skin the night before, or morning of your wedding. Your makeup artist will begin your application with a Primer suited to your skin type. 

How soon should I have a Bridal Trial, and do I need to have one? 

A trial with your chosen makeup artist is best 2-3 months before your wedding day. This is a great time to discuss how you would like to look on your special day, and please feel free to bring along any photos or images of makeup you would like to achieve. Your makeup artist will work through different options with you, and will welcome honest feedback and thoughts throughout your trial. 

A trial is completely optional, but is a lovely idea to have done before a hen’s party or bridal shower, and to ensure you feel completely comfortable with how your makeup will look on your big day. 

Will my makeup last all day and into the evening if it is applied in the morning? 

Our mineral makeup is designed to work with your skin, ensuring a long lasting flawless appearance. Many brides and bridal parties will choose a lipstick for any ‘touch ups’ throughout the day, and your makeup artist may advise a mineral powder to be re- applied as needed, especially in the Central Otago heat. Many brides often comment that their makeup was still perfect at 11pm at night, after being applied at 10am in the morning.